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Sophia Albrecht


Born April 1, 2001 in Starnberg



Student film and television (directing) at Macromedia University Munich

Business as a videographer and event manager (live streams, image films, short films as well as organization of youth meetings and other events)


Event clerk (IHK)

Since 2015, trained group leader at VCP e.V. according to the KJHG (JuLeiCa)

2021 Training of trainers (AdA certificate)

Board of Directors Kulturteam Oberland e.V. (event organization)

Board of VCP Stamm Lechrain e.V. (Boy Scouts)

Scholarship holder at the Hanns Seidel Foundation (since April 2023)



2014-2015 student job at Kulturteam München GmbH

2016-2019 Kulturteam Oberland e.V. (event organization)

2016-2019 Oberland Gastronomie GmbH (Student Aid Service)

2018-2019 Weddings at Igling Castle (student job)

2019-2021 Training as an event manager at Oberland Gastronomie GmbH

2021-2022 event manager at Oberland Gastronomie GmbH (and trainer)

2021-2022 Jewish Community Munich (Temporary)

10.2022 Part-time job at Party People (catering)

10.2022 Oktoberfest service worker at Feinkost Käfer

2021-2023 Part-time job in the human resources department, property management Albrecht

2022-2023 Working Student Marketing OMD Munich

Since 2021 working as a videographer (regular orders such as live streams, image films, event recordings)

Since March 2023, part-time job at the Bavaria Film Studios


11.2022 Directed short film “Heimat”

12.2022 Director, camera short film “Betrayal”

12.2022 Sound assistant, continuity short film “Alienation” (Director: Louisa Markert)

01.2023 Camera, 1st production manager short film "Overacting" (Director: Vivien Gotzmann)

02.2023 Setrunner short film reshoot “Mitera” (Director: Dietrich Pollak)

02.2023 Setrunner short film "Save me I'm fine" (Director: Jessica Böhm)

03.2023 1. AC (camera assistant) short film “Once a Spy” (Director: Oleksandr Androsov)

04.2023 Production management, production, short film "Forced Revenge" (Director: Richard Nottebohm)

05.2023 DOP (camera), orientation film "Be careful what you wish for you" (directed by Vivian Foss)

05/06 2023 DOP (camera), short film “The Interrogation” (Director: Lukas Scharber, Nico Grüninger)

11.2023 Directed short film "The most beautiful smile in the world" (filmed abroad in Estonia)

voluntary work

2010-2019 Collaboration with the IKG’s school newspapers “Virus” and “Bazillus”.

2015 Management of a dance course for the 7th grade

2016-2017 Tutor of a 5th grade


Since 2015, trained group leader at VCP e.V. according to the KJHG

Since 2015 tribal leadership of the Boy Scouts (VCP Stamm Lechrain e.V.)

Since 2017, board member of the Kulturteam Oberland e.V., event organization


Since 2018, commitment to Holocaust memorial work

(with commemoration in Kaufering e.V., Citizens' Association in the 20th Century e.V.)

Among other things, by organizing commemorative events, youth exchanges, filming and editing interviews, directing and recording live streams of commemorative events

2020-2023 Direction, production management, camera, editing on “TIOS” (Team for video shooting and editing, live streams)

School education

2010-2019 Ignaz-Kögler-Gymnasium, Landsberg am Lech (Abitur 2019)

2019-2021 Starnberg vocational school

2021-2022 LMU Munich (Middle East, Hebrew)

2022-approx. 2026 Macromedia University Munich (film and television, directing)

WS 2023/24 semester abroad at Baltic Film, Media and Arts School Tallinn, Estonia



03-09.2019 Director Hospitanz Bad Hersfeld Festival (May to September)

02.2020 Internship video production company Berlin (Johannes Wießmann)

linguistic proficiency


Fluent in English since 2008 (B2)

2013-2017 French good

since 2020 Hebrew beginner

since 2023 Estonian (A1)

Driving licenses


since 2017 Class A1 (+AM)

since 2018 Class B (+L)

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Sophia Albrecht

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