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The most beautiful smile in the world

The bittersweet story about the beauty of brief love under the most cruel conditions

You probably learned about refugees, war and deportation in history lessons and films. And even today we hear terrible news from all over the world.

"The most beautiful smile in the world" is a short film about Viktor, a boy who is on the verge of death in a train wagon and finds a new will to live through his young love for a strange girl.

Through the advice of an old man and against all odds, he finds ways to communicate with the girl. Being in love makes him forget about all the horror and deteriorating conditions in the wagon for the duration of the journey. It's about how love can give you a sense of purpose in the darkest moments of life, providing hope and strength for what lies ahead, even if only for a brief time.

The fictional story does not refer to a single event, but alludes to several countries with different languages and combines stories about refugees and deportation from the worldwide past and present. We want to remember the innocent children who have been and are being deprived of their childhood and future through hatred and politics.

Who we are

Pavel Penev


Sophia Albrecht


Robin Csodó


Anna Pesch

Assistant Director


Sophia Albrecht



Pavel Penev


Statement from the director:

I have been doing Holocaust memorial work for years, including organizing talks with survivors and memorial events. I am also a youth leader at the Peace Scouts.
In 2015/2016 I organised many projects with refugees who came to Germany from Syria and other countries. The war in Ukraine also concerns me a lot and I worked at a restaurant that provided meals for refugees.  Now, my thoughts are with good friends from Israel, who are terrified of what will happen in the near future.

In all these projects, I work with children and young people who are not responsible for their situation at all. They have to see endless suffering and are afraid, even though they cannot control whats happening to them. Children became refugees,  and many didn't survive the journey to a foreign country. Children were deported to concentration camps, some of them all by themselves.

 So many children have been, and are currently being deprived of their innocent childhood. And for what? "To create a better future for the next generation"?

With this film I want to remember the stories of all these children.  And I am incredibly proud that such a motivated, large and international crew is helping me with that!


Producer Pavel Penev:

+49 176 845 635 36


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